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Small face correction, the introduction of small face correction of Kokorotsuki manipulative Institute unique to care until the distortion - 
temporomandibular joint stiff shoulders, neck stiffness of small face-face

Treatment the contents

Treatment the contents of the small face correction

Beautiful Ratio  

Body 7: Provides a solid small face effect in their own treatment ratio of face 3

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Do the counseling before treatment. Please consult, such as areas of concern for your face. Also, in the case of a stiff neck and neck stiffness or jaw movement of the slump and back waist upset by such worries,, please contact us about the symptoms because it reflected in the treatment content.

Skeletal examination

After counseling, do the skeletal examination. In the small face correction of Kokorotsuki manipulative Institute, so carefully established a first distortion of the body in front of the treatment of your face, shoulder height in skeletal examination, spine of distortion, waist height, hip height, check the distortion of the neck, it makes the practitioner to adjust the distortion on the basis of the test results.

When you adjust the distortion of the body, in addition to the shoulder, neck, tilt-twist of the pelvis, so you also trimmed distortion of the hip, although the small face correction, great-treatment content to get used to the firm can be small face and body care you I am allowed to offer.

Skeletal examination, respectively from both of the rear surface of the body (back side) and body surface side of the (front) Check the distortion.

Correction loosen the distortion of the body

Distortion of the body, and prepares to use the correction technology "Shin圧" manipulative techniques loosening own Kokorotsuki manipulative Institute. Core 圧整 body, with expertise to solve the root cause of the distortion-shift of the body "stiffness in the muscles of the deep position", in a slow tempo and unique pain pleasant features, Bokiboki and bone without the treatment that sounds, and that the distortion of and loosening the end of the body has been corrected, to lay that and distortion to loosen the muscle is integral manipulative methods.

Shingetsu Seitaiin Institute is a treatment ratio of own small face correction "body 7: Face 3" you do before the treatment of the "body 7" of the. The progress of the treatment, go to the order of the treatment of treatment → face, the head of the treatment → neck of shoulder-hip (the cervical spine).

Cervical (neck stiffness) loosen correction

The effect of correcting the distortion of the body in order to be reflected in the face with a sufficient form, treatment of the neck (cervical spine) is properly carried out, neck stiffness is fully resolved, that the distortion of the cervical spine are in place It will be an absolute requirement. The secret of the height of the effect of small face correction of Kokorotsuki manipulative Council, fact is the "treatment of the neck (cervical spine)." The Kokorotsuki manipulative Institute, there is a nationwide seen very rare unique "neck (cervical) correction of expertise", because the neck (cervical spine) that can adjust the skeletal-muscular enough body the effect of correcting distortion is firmly reflected in the face of, it does it on possible because treatment of the ideal small face correction that the effect of facial treatment is plus to the.

Body stiffness and distortion, make the treatment of finally and treatment to adjust the stiffness and distortion of the neck is finished "face 3" face and head. After you have carried out the treatment on the meridians of the face, head, masseter, and prepares to small face performs a careful treatment to facial muscles. In the face treatment, so you also intraocular pressure adjustment eye of the highly effective also tired, and since then carefully massage the masseter (biting muscle), the movement of the jaw with small face effect will be smooth.

You can check with your photo

After treatment, you can check the changes in the previous post-treatment in a photographic image.