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Small face correction, the introduction of small face correction of Kokorotsuki manipulative Institute unique to care until the distortion - 
temporomandibular joint stiff shoulders, neck stiffness of small face-face

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Nara Prefecture yamatotakada resident S.S like 33-year-old

A result that very metabolized in the skin measurement I got was the shop that I went to buy the cosmetics after you make a massage twice a "small face correction is getting better has been praised to the salesperson's out. Is a rare likely to become well metabolized in so short period of time (4 weeks). Amount of water, such as even very well in spite of the age, the skin became bright-looking. Or because the metabolism is getting better, body weight did not fall quite even if the diet is falling, the body also became lightly. "

Katsuragi City, Nara Prefecture resident H.A like 28-year-old

"After receiving the last of the treatment, badly followed was stiff neck is reduced from the previous, the movable range of the neck also increased. In addition, it is often used also personal computer work came to be there is also sustained concentration that has become less stiff neck. In addition, it is also the body when you sit on the floor were often inclined to the right, now it is possible to keep a good attitude. In terms of small face correction, the movement of the mouth of the time to create a feel and look that jaw line was clean becomes smooth, it made it easier to create a smile to the nature. During treatment, there is a feeling that will loose the pain feels good place and the body, after the treatment is I think that went up also metabolism. The second time there is a change in the contours of the face, was surprised. "

Nara Prefecture Yamatokoriyama resident N.H like 26-year-old

Including "small face correction, click here to receive a full-fledged bodywork is (Kokorotsuki manipulative Institute, Narahon Institute) is the first time. Before the wedding we are allowed to visit at the last minute but, stiff neck, low back pain that was in chronic became lightly. But had a headache on a daily basis from the fatigue of the eyes, it was easy to understand was less likely to occur is the best. I'm happy like trouble of the body other than the small face correction have been improved. Face has also become tiny! thank you very much! "

Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture resident Y.M like 35-year-old

"Look at the first photos after the treatment of, (had family also surprised to see the comparison image of before and after treatment, which was brought back) apparently because the difference in the length of the face came out I was surprised. Of neck-shoulder stiffness is in the chronic, but when terrible had also headache, one week after the first round of treatment, from around the side of the neck (movement) well up to now, under the clavicle? I realized that the firmness of (the side of the inside) was soft. Treatment immediately after is, it is light head! ! I thought. Since the second time and the self-explanatory in the effect can be seen from the first time, we're looking forward to the next time. And to become a small face, is also happy to be able to stiffness is lost to at the same time. With the contents of the treatment, I like to be very pleasant to get to loosen the base of the head. The size of the right and left eyes were different, it is now better recently. "